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Members: Ahmet Atif Akin, Güven İncirlioğlu*, Hakan Topal*, Mahir M. Yavuz
*: Will be present by the opening.

Functioning as an international collective since 2000, xurban_collective has members located in Izmir, Istanbul, Linz and New York City. Core members of the Group are Guven İncirlioğlu and Hakan Topal, whose transatlantic collaborations take the form of media projects and Installations. Xurban_collective’s mission is to instigate the questioning, examination, and discussion of contemporary politics, theory, and ideology, and their unique intercontinental perspective is well served to provoke a consideration of these issues. Documentary photography, video, and text are often combined in an effort to render visible the multiplicity of informative layers inherent in the subjects or situations explored.


Exhibion contribution

Proposed, but not Engaged

From: xurban_collective, 2009

In February 2009, xurban_collective made a project proposal to Liam Gillick, the British artist to realize Germany’s national participation at the International Venice Biennial this year. Xurban’s proposed extension was to be realized at the periphery of the German Pavilion in Venice’s Giardini during the biennial starting in June. The intention was to apply a landscaping project for the pavilion by temporarily transforming the immediate vicinity. Flowers and plants were to be carried over from Anatolia, and a scheme of fortification for the pavilion was to be augmented, referring to the long-standing issues of borders, exclusion and hybridization that involve the Turks and the EU. Xurban team had personally carried out exchange of ideas and fruitful discussions with the artist himself, and even though it had no intention to intercept Liam’s Installation but only intended to act as his gardener, for various reasons not all clear to us, the proposal was not accepted. So, xurban_collective set up a new classification for this piece in progress and its documentation as “Proposed but not Engaged”.



Proposed, but not Engaged, 2009

Proposed, but not Engaged, 2009




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