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Members: Dilan Gümüş*, Erdinç Gümüş, Sesil Beatris Kalayciyan*
*: Will be present by the opening.

daralan is an independent art project that develops and coordinates exhibitions that usually bring together young artists from various disciplines. It defines itself as a project open to all disciplines as well as non-disciplines and displays an interdisciplinary approach in its exhibitions. Aside from its own exhibitions, the project also welcomes collaborative projects with other initiatives and groups.
The project was initiated over two years ago and opened its program with the exhibition entitled “Widening Narrow Space” on December 14, 2007.


Exhibited Project:

Genişleyen Dar Alan

From: Alperen Kahraman, Sesil Beatris Kalayciyan*, Evrim Kavcar, Ozan Tüzün
*: Will be present by the opening.

Widening Narrow Space

Survival is the most fundamental instinct of all living beings. Human beings are the most systematic employers of this fundamental instinct, narrowing or extinguishing the living spaces of all other organisms for their own sake. Those human beings, who extend their abstract and material boundaries way more than they should, owe this extension to the narrowing of the abstract and material spaces of other human beings within the structure we call society –given that the total amount of space is given and permanent. This is a basic fact of life that remains constant even if the roles that people play within this scenario may shift from time to time. Even though the structure that is composed of these narrowing spaces may expand on the whole, the already-narrowed spaces either preserve their narrowness or narrow down even more. The structure made up of these elements represents actually a widening of the narrow spaces in spite of its deceiving illusion of grandeur.

The indicators that rank first on the parade of the signs of narrowing down of abstract and material spaces are as follows: narrow rooms as physical living spaces; numerous gigantic yet narrow cities that expand not only horizontally but also vertically and that house millions; wide but packed autobahns filled with inching vehicles; new communication forms with widening fields of influence that offset distances but possess a limited amount of reality; the transformation of bodies into commodities that consume and that are consumed; the necessity of living one’s desires and passions within the limits set by the society rather than in accordance with one’s true nature; and the transformation of clothes, which were originally devised to protect men from nature, into signs of identity, social status and power or even into instruments of influence.


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