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Nomad & Upgrade!Istanbul
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Members: Basak Şenova*, Emre Erkal, Erhan Muratoğlu, Hakan Guleryuz, Funda Şenova
*: Will be present by the opening.


NOMAD is an Istanbul based foundation that aims to examine experimental formations developing in the field of digital art from various disciplinary viewpoints and to develop new forms in this field. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, NOMAD includes artists, designers, curators, architects and engineers in its core cadre and provides a technical and theoretical infrastructure for artists from various platforms and different geographies. The production network formed by NOMAD through its ongoing projects in the field of digital art is geared towards developing bonds within Turkey as well as with people from other geographies. The main aim of these projects is the formation of a productive production network that makes possible access to new sources of knowledge. NOMAD has organized numerous international and local festivals, exhibitions, performances, multimedia events, experimental film screenings, talks and panels as well as undertaking publications.


The Upgrade!Istanbul comprises monthly meetings that aim to bring together new media artists, scholars, curators and the other actors of the digital culture. The Upgrade!Istanbul meetings and events organized by NOMAD take place at santralistanbul. This series of meetings allow new projects to be advertised and explained and provide opportunities for dialogue and cooperation within the digital culture.


Exhibited Project


Burak Arıkan*
*: Will be present by the opening.

The Upgrade!Istanbul presents Burak Arıkan’s “My Pocket” project in Berlin. This project traces the daily bank movements of the artist to reveal the major patterns in his finances and opens up the personal financial records of the artist to the world. Normally, people keep these records secret. Yet financial institutions keep analyzing this data to measure our credibility. The expenditure history of the artist for the past two years is analyzed with the help of a special software to predict his expenses in the future; these predictions sometimes affect the future choices of the artist, thus forming a system where both the artist and the software harmonize with each other. MY POCKET sets off from the techno-cultural environment of our time and develops a hybrid interface for a living physical/digital transaction.

Living in New York and Istanbul, artist and researcher Burak Arıkan (Turkey/USA) creates internet-based systems that develop through the interaction of men and machines. His works examine various issues ranging from cultural sustainability on the internet to the issues of finance, politics and labor. He utilizes various media like print, animation, software, electronic and physical materials and shows snapshots derived from these systems on the internet or live in a venue. Arıkan completed his masters degree in the Physical Language Workshop led by John Maeda in MIT Media Laboratory. In MIT, he worked on developing infrastructures that will support artists and designers in digital and electronic network based environments. Before his time in MIT, he worked as an information architect and visual designer in USA and Turkey. He received his MA in Visual Communication Design from Bilgi University in 2004 and BA in Civil Engineering from Yıldız Technical University in 2001. Arıkan has seats in the advisory boards of Prix Ars Electronica Digital Communities (Linz) and Amber Generative Arts Foundation (Istanbul).


Burak Arıkan
Transactions Graph.
December 17th, 2007

Burak Arıkan
MYPOCKET, Predicted Object. Marked receipt, STARBUCKS 01/28/2008

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