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Zorka Lednarova  
  curator, artist


born in Bratislava / Slovakia
lives and works in Berlin
She studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (1995-2000), spent one year at the Nationla Academy of Arts at Hangzhou, China, (1998-1999), and studies sculpture and project art at the Muthesius School of Arts in Kiel, Germany, (1997-2003). Afterwards, she did a postgraduate master at the Institute of Art in Context at the Berlin University of Arts (2003-2006).

Zorka Lednarova has been a free artist for ten years, working on new media and art in public space. In her works, she concentrates on geopolitical and cultural differences as part of the problems brought about by globalization and migratory movements. For three years now she has been organizing exhibition in various countries, including a series of shows dealing with experiences of being a stranger and individual processes of integration, called “foreign body”.

In 2005, she became a member of the and is now preparing to extend the archive on a trip throughout Europe.







1 Selda Asal Restoring Hope: Competing with Genies Video 11:05
2 Selda Asal Restoring Hope: Love is Fake Video 11:55
3 Ceren Oykut Drawings 21x29,7 cm each




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Exhibition concept

Selda Asal, born in Izmir, Turkey
Ceren Oykut, born in Istanbul, Turkey

The show comprises works by two young artists from Turkey, who in their work refer in different ways to everyday life in the cities they come from. Caren Oykut reflects everyday life in public spaces. With a keen eye and a sensitivity for details, she leads us through the everyday routines of the city. In the series “Istanbul drawings“ she hides a critical view of urban ongoings behind narrative drawings in a naïve style. They remind us of toilet drawings, which can throw a light on what is often overlooked or remains otherwise hidden. One picture shows a crying Turkish family, standing in front of their house in the rain, accompanying a relative to the ambulance. Cats and dogs are lying around, children are playing. There are a man and a woman who had collected wood, there is a bird carrying twigs, newspapers are falling out of an open trashcan, everything is as it should be. Another scene shows two lovers, observing a cat. It is in the act of jumping onto wall overgrown with bushes. Further on is a fence of barbed wire, the flying bird, and a little boy, an unnoticed thief, is taking something out of a handbag. Every drawing tells us another story. Stories which, thanks to precise detail, show us all those sides of everyday life which can sometimes be sometimes.
In her project “Restoring Hope”, Selda Asal shows by way of a cartoon the result of several months of work about the experiences, miseries, feelings and wishes of street kids, many of whom have been drug-addicts, and who ended up in a psychiatric clinic. The children express their inner worlds. They draw different types of houses (apartment house, family home, country house, ghetto…), people, or idols and various objects (tree, flower, forest, animals, city…). The children make their own statements about the creation of each drawing: E – “This man has been beaten as a child, that´s him, as he grows up, he starts shooting everyone, his name is N… This child is in our clinic, it is the same kind of kid. Me too, I will shoot people when I grow up, I will shoot you!” We follow the film as outsiders, listening over headphones to these stories that emerge from deep inside of each of these children.