Stéphane Bauer
  Zorka Lednarova
  Caroline Lund
  Doreen Mende
  Shaheen Merali
  Christoph Tannert

Christoph Tannert  
  curator, art chritic

president of Künstlerhaus Bethanien





1 Anny & Sibel Öztürk
References Graffiti
2 Rey Akdogan Waiting Room Installation 160x70x10 cm
3 Gregor Hildebrandt H.Kneef (für mich soll’s rote Rosen regnen) Painting, mixed media on canvas 288x432cm
4 Banu Birecikligil Political Paintings 9 Paintings, oil on canvas
35x45 cm each
5 Banu Birecikligil Tankstelle Painting, oil on canvas 24x18
6 Costa Vece   Wall paper
7 Costa Vece Look back in anger Wall paper
8 Canan Senol Nisa-i Book & Video installation
24x13x33 cm(33 pages) &
two monitors
9 Nalan Yirtmac Graffiti series As slide show




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Exhibition concept:
In pop and art

pop and art are more sought after than ever. Quotations in word, sound and image range from Abba to Dada. Pop music no longer is a reaction to reality, but to an image of reality processed by the mass media, to which it reacts itself in the ways of the mass media.
At the core of the artistic positions I chose is the question by which aesthetical strategies artists currently react to the processes of transformation from subversion to utopian ideal to counterculture to marketable art to filing in art history to recording in archives to the neutralization of signs – purely formal and without pity.