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Stéphane Bauer  


In 2002, Stéphane Bauer became head of the artspace Kreuzberg/Bethanien. He is responsible for programme and organization. After studying sociology, he worked with the Federal Association for Students´ Cultural Work (Bundesverbandes Studentischer Kulturarbeit) at Bonn, he worked as a freelancer for the Berlin University of Arts and from July 1990 as a manager for the Cutlural Office (Kulturamt) Kreuzberg. Since 1994 he has been curating shows at Kunstamt Kreuzberg as well as at the New Association for Fine Arts (Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst e.V.) at Berlin.







1 Selda Asal Restoring Hope: Competing with Genies Video 11:05
2 Selda Asal Restoring Hope: Drawings (series I) 25x35 cm each
3 Selda Asal Restoring Hope: Drawings (series II) 25x35 cm each
4 Selda Asal Restoring Hope: explanations  
5 Selda Asal Restoring Hope: Love is Fake Video 11:55




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  exhibition concept

Selda Asal„Restore Hope - Compiting with Genies“, DVD 11’55, 2005
Video back projection onto the window of the gallery Art Transponder with sound inside and outside
Drawings and explanations for project layed out in gallery
Selda Asal„Restore Hope - Love is Fake“, 11’03, 2005
Video on monitor with head phones
Drawings and explanations for project layed out in gallery

Stéphane Bauer, Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, is presenting Selda Asals’ video work Restore Hope in the Outliners exhibition. The Istanbul artist is showing an update of the ongoing project based on and around her interviews explorations from within the psychiatric ward in the hospital Bakirkoy in Istanbul.
Selda Esal has been following the stories of street kids with drug abuse and their therapeutic outcomes as well as young female suicide survivors. Through interviews and drawings, a form of art therapy, she created a way of communication towards the young people as well as an outled for themselves. The outcome build the base for her video works Competing with Genies and Love is Fake. Life on the street, fear, hope and escapism are the main themes reflected in her conversations with the young people and build the core of her work.
The back projection on the gallery window tries to overcome the split or cut between outside and inside, the gallery. The gallery is geographical situated at the busy Brunnenstraße and close to the Tube station Bernauerstraße which represents the borderline between hip creative crowd and fringes of poverty. Just a few stops towards Alexanderplatz the punks are claiming their spot in Berlin.
The video installation merges seemingly impossible spaces like Berlin and Istanbul, security and the fall, trust and fear, hope and the feeling of no way out. It is creating conceptually and within the gallery bridges between psychological and physical landscapes.